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A wealth of choice

Social media is a huge growth area, and has been for a number of years, especially where music is concerned.MySpace is a phenomenally popular network, with over 50 million users. Social recommendation systems—the filtering of data to present likely items of interest—now attract a massive amount of attention, with the likes of Last.fmiTunes, and even Amazon promising to automatically find us new music we will love. 

I stumbled upon this brilliant little article today and have just forwarded it by mail and dumped into my second brain to let all the smarties I know read it as well.. the entire article can be found here.

Maybe the reason for me to embrace this article is the sad fact that I watched Lydverket last night.. (I did not Love Mona B.Riise, but hey.. she thought me about new music and made me discover..) Last night was, to my great fascination and despair, dedicated to us, the viewers, by them and us.. Lydverket had gone ahead and asked the viewers what they(we) wanted to see. Its not that I don’t like Oasis, but it was just to frikkin obvious that it was gonna turn up as “something the public want”

Dear everyone: collectively you are not smart enough to entertain me! If anyone can like something, it is spent, used or plain %#* BLAND. -I like harsh people with opinions I can either hate or love. Disappointingly, social democracy has its drawbacks when people in general are the wrong kind of crowd. ..and to rephrase what I said earlier: I like people, but I value new opinions. So, dear Lydverket, and anyone else.. Please start recognizing (and valuing) that some people have actual brains inside.

-Top of the pops/ top 20 and anything else marked “most popular”, might be a clue but should not be the norm in every case. I need new channels now. 

Please. Enlighten me again. I want to learn new things.


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