Sketching TUI



Space travel ticketing system which will make it easier to find your picture (or your interests) in the astro-flickr pool installation we’re working on. These tags (back and front side) are the 1. sketches for the tangible platform of it. -Hoping to use the floor as a screen.

findings in a much needed break

-Something not to far from what we’ve ended up with for the graffiti noise or whatever we’re calling it.

Feels strange though, to find inspiration when the projects are so close to deadline.

And one more..

measure of man / invisible instrument.



no relation to the graffiti noise, shown in an earlier post, but for the same client. (the POPmuseum) -have not yet tested out wether we should have high pitch in the inner or outer circles.. So far leaning towards having to stand in it to be able to play it , rather than just try to reach into it.

todays work

  1.  lots of the tech working -check
  2.  visual output fading away after a while -check.
  3.  sound –not check


-dead tired and honestly to lazy to blog, but otherwise feeling fine.

connecting sound to strokes/brushes.


-at least trying to figure out what goes where.  

A very ruff sketch, inspired by the 3d bonanza from earlier.


Anthony Rowe telling tales from art, research and play in creative interaction design using sound, physical and virtual spacedone by his old collective, Squidsoup. 


  1. Virtual puppeteers, an experiment in designing for kids which explored/combined fun and games with 3d modeling. (Rather nice to see all the weird puppets the kids have made, amazing that it also worked as a online chat room in the form of a stage,  for the kids with these avatar puppets.)
  2.  Composing music in space and time and exploring it in your own phase. It is a multiplayer interaction where sound/noise is generated by proximity to bubble-columns.. Looking like spacial Navigation in water? (All in all it looks rather nice and 90’s tech-ish.)
  3. COME CLOSER:Digital installation using wearable tech and collaborative interaction to explore personal space / boundaries of personal space.

-the rest of the lecture I was stuck in awe over his later works, trying them out ..and he gave us 3d glasses! (I had completely forgotten how much I love 3d graphics) So here’s a link to the website, since taking notes just did not work out today.

(Attempting to sum it up, Anthony explained that “the works are all about looking for a feeling.”)

A lively chat with Einar and Jørn on..

Video Prototyping!    

“Communication of a product to outsiders: Creating stories and determine the scale of stories, as a presentation tool and as a process. Video prototyping is commonly used by “everyone” conceptual products as a way of evidencing (proving how it might work.) to others. -Can also be working prototypes explained through video, but all in all convincing the viewer how it works and how to use it..” (Einar talking)

One of my favourites is the infamous sketch-a-move.. I’m guessing the one with the magnet, (underneath the table) has the most fun, but I seriously do not envy her having to practice all the moves. The only problem regarding make-pretend is people miss-interpreting it.. and wanting to buy it. (Come to think of it, Knuts Sun-Cat batteries is perhaps my ultimate favorite, though still not as a video. It would quite possibly be a very long and dull movie, but then again, he’s a genius with anything time-lapse.) 

For our own sake, we’ve started using it as an iterative tool, at least regarding the Sketching Music, in order to explore how which graphics and moves might go with what sounds. -Of course, way more fun than actually making it.  (Photoshop sketches below, in earlier post.)

-Wondering when I’ll have to get testimonials on everything I do in order to verify for others if its real or not.